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Creating an Online PowerPoint quiz with forms


Creating the quiz

Creating a PowerPoint presentation is one thing. Turning that presentation into a PowerPoint quiz is quite another. Getting that quiz online is a crazy step. Retrieving results from the quiz might seem an almost impossible task. This tutorial is the 2nd part of a series about putting a PowerPoint presentation online. In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to use Microsoft Forms in conjunction with PowerPoint?
  • Putting the PowerPoint quiz online and test the forms

Creating the forms

To create the forms used in this Microsoft PowerPoint tutorial you will need Office 365 and Microsoft Forms. If you're not sure then just have a watch anyway I'm sure you'll get something out of this online pre-recorded training session.

If you would like to follow along then you can use the PowerPoint Online Quiz exercise file.

The next tutorial will show how to get the information submitted via a form into a single Excel spreadsheet.