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Publisher Tutorial: Create a Booklet


How to Create and Print an A5 Booklet

Why Microsoft Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is the ideal tool for those in small home office businesses for printing small amounts of literature. Although many professionals would look to InDesign or some other desktop publisher, that can get expensive and that's not what you need when you are trying to keep costs down.

Printing Problems

Trouble is, when it comes to printing on the printer in the corner of your office at work or balanced atop some books and other stuff at home it can lead to frustration. Page can be in the incorrect order. Page numbers can appear on the front or back covers or both. You may also contribute to the destruction of the rainforests by printing an abundance of "Test" pages that will be binned or used as scrap paper for your children to apply their artist talents. Now it's true that you can find printing instructions on the Microsoft site, this video tutorial might fill in some gaps for you.

How to print a booklet?

So enter this tutorial during which you will see how you can use Microsoft Publisher to print a brochure or booklet or whatever you want to call it. You will understand how to place the page numbers in the corners of the publication. This means that numbers will be the corners of the outside edge. During the tutorial I will also make be placing pictures, linking text boxes, adding guides to help with page layout along with showing boundaries. Showing boundaries is handy when you place an object, such as a text box, onto a page but you haven't yet inserted any text. The result being that you no longer see the box which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to find when on earth you put the box in the first place.

A5 Booklet Exercise Files

Here is a copy of the A5 booklet in Publisher should you want to have a look.

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