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Excel Questions and Answers

Excel If Cell is Empty

Need to check if a certain cell is Empty? Then you can use the ISBLANK() function. It may get you out of a thorny problem.

Create a drop down list in Excel

A drop down list is one method of making sure someone doesn't enter an incorrect value. This incorrect value can so easily mess up all of your data. Let's create a drop down list in this tutorial and see yourself how it can help you.

Excel Formula for Working Days

Just how do you calculate the number of working days between two dates? What's the formula you would use? This help file will show you how to use Excel along with the NETWORKDAYS function to do just that. I've been so kind as to include as list of public holidays from 2010 all the way to 2020 just to help you along. (Aren't I kind?)

Excel Phone Number - the Problem of the Missing Zero

You enter a phone number, it obviously starts with a zero. You press enter, the zero disappears. What has happened? More importantly, how do you prevent it? In other words how do stop the zero from disappearing. See why and how with this short explanation.

Using the OFFSET function

The OFFSET function is one for the repetoire. So if you have either seen it around the sheets you've been updating and wondered what it's all about. Or even if this is the first time you've seen it and want to include it in your Excel formulas then take a look at this guide.

VBA Code to Consolidate Data from Multiple Sheets

Tutorial showing you how to copy VBA code from multiple sheets into one sheet. See this step by step guide along with exercise files detailing how you can do create this extremely handy sub procedure.

Create Alternate Coloured Rows by Using Conditional Formatting

Here you will learn how to create alternating row colours by using Conditional Formatting with a formula.