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Recall Sent Email - Outlook 2016


Recalling a sent Email in Outlook 2016

You've hit the send button, then panic strikes! You've mentioned something that you shouldn't have. How will your work colleage react? What can you do? Don't worry as long as you immediately carry out the steps in the above video you'll be fine. But don't wait! The longer you leave recalling an Email, the less chance you will recall it succesfully.

If you can't wait to watch the video you can do the following:

  1. Go to your Sent Items folder
  2. Double click on the Email you want to recall
  3. Click on the file tab in the top left corner of the email box that has just opened
  4. Click on Resend or Recall and click on Recall this message.

    Recall this message drop down menu
  5. Ensure Delete unread copies of this message and Tell me if this recall succeeds or fails for each recipient are selected.

    Recall this message options
  6. Outlook will attempt to recall the message. However, should the recipient have already read the message - It will be too late!