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Revolve 3D Effect & Map Art in Illustrator CC


The Revolve 3D Effect

Imagine that you could take a shape. Actually draw it with the pen tool. Then use a 3d tool to revolve that shape 360 degrees so that that the profile of a cup actually becomes a cup. The side of a bowl becomes a bowl. Or, as in this video, a wine glass actually becomes a wine glass.

I think you know where I'm going with this, because it is possible. Enter the 3D revolve effect in Illustrator. Using this amazing tool in Adobe Illustrator CC you can draw simply a line, or the the side profile of any shape and Illustrator will revolve the shape to be a solid object. Now, just so you understand, Illustrator CC doesn't have the capacity of Solid Works or the number of other dedicated 3d packages out there. However, should you already have illustrator then you might as well use it to it's fully potential.