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How to Zoom in and draw on Screen in Teams?


Draw on the Screen - Why?

Downloading the ZoomIT software

To be able to follow along you will first have to download the ZoomIT software below. ZoomIT was created by Mark Russonivich and I'm forever grateful to him for this tool I use in the classroom and online.

ZoomIT download

Draw on Screen Software

This annotation software is also available from the Microsoft Site along with some information about the creator with other useful applications.

Learn these ZoomIT Shortcuts

To get the most out of ZoomIT you really need to get familiar with just a few basic shortcuts. Some you'll find at the bottom of the page.

Getting attention

When you draw on the screen you are able to get and hold your audiences attention. Especially if you are training a software program. In today's world, where online training is used more and more, drawing on the screen allows your students to easily see which button to press. Using annotations also allows you to focus your students on a particular feature of the software you are training. When coupled with zooming into a certain section on the screen it's like magic.

Zoom in to a certain section of the Screen

When presenting on Teams sometimes your students are using a less than adequate screen. Nowadays people are using laptops more than ever and that being the case enlarging or magnifying certain areas of the screen make it so much easier for them to see what you are showing them.

You need bear in mind that when you are zoomed in to a portion of the screen, the rest of the screen can't be seen. So I recommend that you Zoom in, show them what you need to, and then zoom out. This will give your students some context as to what they are seeing.

Just a small thing and that is if a student is not using dual screens, maybe just a single laptop. Zooming in and out too much may lead to confusion. This is because for the student to follow along then they must first have a look at your screen, then swap to their screen to try and work out what you have just done.

Using Colour

In the above video tutorial about drawing on the screen in MS Teams you will see that you can change the colour of the pen. Colour is important in our everyday live. When we see red, we think of danger. Green then we think of saving the planet and so on.

Knowing that, you can now in Teams draw on the screen using different colours to highlight different main points or sections. When you are in annotation mode press the letter b to see blue, g to see green or my favourite p to see pink. Use the list of shortcuts available to see what colours are available.

List of ZoomIT Shortcuts

Function Shortcut
Begin Zoom Mode Ctrl & 1
Zoom In Up Key
Zoom Out Down Key
Begin Drawing Ctrl + 2
Red Pen R
Blue Pen B
Yellow Pen Y
Green Pen G

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