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How do I Invite Someone to a Teams Meeting?

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This video is the first in a series of a free Microsoft Teams tutorials.

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How to Send a Teams Meeting Invite?

Inviting Someone to a Teams Meeting

So just how do I invite someone to a Teams meeting is a question that many have asked. And it would seem that the answer is a simple one. Although many seem to feel it isn't as simple as Zoom. However, in reality it is even easier. This Teams tutorial will show you various ways you can invite people to a Teams meeting. In addition, you will also learn which way is best.

This Teams guides is to accompany the above training video. Because, some people like learning visually. Whereas some people prefer to take things at a steadier pace following written instructions.

Let us Invite Someone to a Teams Meeting

The way you should and would usually invite someone to a Teams meeting is within Microsoft Teams itself. You see Teams comes with a ready made calendar, and you can use that calendar to invite meeting attendees in just a couple of seconds.

First, you would click on the Calendar icon on the app bar on the left of the main window in Microsoft Teams.

How do I invite someone to a Teams meeting using the Microsoft Teams Calendar Button

Next, using the mouse to select the day and time of your meeting. You can see from the Teams screenshot below that I've selected one hour during Wednesday.

MS Teams schedule meeting time

After you let go of the mouse, the meeting details screen will appear. Enter in the Title of the meeting.

Now click in the Add required attendees box and start entering the names of the people you want to invite to the meeting.

If someone is outside your organisation, and you want to invite them to attend your meeting, simply enter the persons email address. If, however, you are unable to do this you will have to speak to your company admin about turning on "Guest Access" in Teams admin settings.
(Home Page - Admin - Show All - Teams - Org Wide Settings - Guest Access).

Add attendees to a Teams meeting

You can see above that Joshua Fortiscue is busy so we can use the Scheduling Assistant within Teams to find out when he will be available to attend the meeting.

Click on the Scheduling Assistant tab at the top of the Enter Details screen.

Scheduling Assistant tab in MS Teams

In the Scheduling Assistant you can see when an attendee has free time. For instance, in the case of Joshua you can see that he has time in the afternoon the same day.

Using Scheduling Assistant in Teams

Note that we can't see whether or not a meeting attendee who is outside our organisation has free time. We don't have access to their calendar. That is why when you invite somebody from outside your organisation to teams, when you view the Scheduling Assistant you see lines in place of their appointments.

Once you have established free time you can click on the Details tab and the top of the meeting details screen.

Meeting Details Tab - Microsoft Teams

Note that the attendee, Joshua Fortiscue, is now shown as being free for the meeting.

Also note that the times for the meeting have been updated.

Teams meeting times

After having decided on who you will invite to your meeting you can now fill in the remaining details.

Select "All day" should this meeting be an ongoing event such as a seminar or exhibition.

Click on the "Does not repeat" drop down list if this meeting is a meeting that is going to be held regularly. You can then choose the time interval you would like. As you can see below I've selected weekly should I want this meeting to be help at the same time every week.

Weekly repeated meeting in Teams

If the meeting only applies to a certain channel within Teams then you can choose the channel you want to add the meeting to. If you want to keep this meeting open to people from different Teams then leave this blank.

Entering the Teams Meeting Details

Now you can enter in the details for the meeting in the section that says: "Type details for this new meeting". You might want to enter a meeting agenda. Also, you can use the formatting options at the top of the details box to add colour, bullet or numbered lists. Additional you can add hyperlinks to documents, files and other information that would be relevant to your meeting.

Teams Meeting Details Box

Now all you need to do is click on Send and your meeing invite will be sent to the attendees and that's it! You now know the answer to question: "How do I invite someone to a Teams meeting?"

But what if you don't know who's going to be attending your meeting. I often have this problem when I'm conducting training courses on behalf of other companies. They would like to set up the Teams meeting and invite attendees etc. But I still want to be the meeting organiser. To accomplish this you can send a link to someone inviting them to your Teams meeting.

How to Send a Link to Someone Inviting Them to a Teams Meeting?

Sometimes, all you want to do is to know how to send a link to someone inviting them to a Teams meeting. If that's the case then you should know that Teams meetings use links so outside people, also known as guests within Teams, can attend.

Click on the meeting. Then click on the copy meeting link button.

Copy Teams meeting link

Once the link to the Teams meeting has been copied, you can then paste it wherever you want. Just a little bit of advice, the link looks quite long and cumbersome. So it might be an idea to use some hyperlink text, also known as anchor text, to make the link to the Teams meeting look that little bit more professional.

Schedule a Teams Meeting Using Outlook

Do you want to Schedule a Teams meeting using Outlook? Maybe you've a fan of Microsoft Outlook and you're still not totally convinced of all the benefits of Teams. Then you will be pleased to know that you can schedule a Teams meeting right within Outlook and you can invite them by using the Outlook calendar.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Open the Calendar in Outlook.
  3. Select the day and time for the meeting.
  4. Click on the New Teams Meeting button at the top of the ribbon.

How do I invite someone to a Teams meeting in Outlook

Once you've invited someone to a Teams meeting, you'll want to use the Teams PowerPoint Presenter view. This way you can make sure that you PowerPoint presentations in Microsoft Teams are top notch.

Where to go from here?

Why not check out our Microsoft Teams training courses to make sure you and your team are getting the best out of this amazing bit of software.

If you want to know more about Teams then check the Teams page on the Microsoft website.

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