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Manage Notifications in Teams

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Managing Teams Notifications

Notification Management in Teams

Why manage notifications in Teams? Imagine you're in the middle of a meeting and all of a sudden "bling" you get a message. Distracting isn't it?

Say you want to some quiet time to concentrate but something else going on in another team causes you to receive way too many message notifications. You don't want to completely mute the message alerts you want to manage them.

Muting Messages During Meetings

During a meeting is one of the times you you want to manage notifications, especially when you need to mute your notifications. So here is how you do it:

First, click on the ellipsis, top right then click Settings.

Manage Notifications in Teams

Now, click Notifications.

Microsoft Teams Notification Window

Then, click Edit to the right of Meetings and Calls..

It's now time to decide on what notifications you want to receive while you are in a Microsoft Teams meeting. If you want to be notifiied that the meeting has started and want to ensure that you don't miss it then you can select Banner from the meeting started notification.

Meeting started notification in Microsoft Teams

The Mute chat notifications drop-down list allows you to stop receiving meeting chat notifications if a meeting has started that you're not attending.

Choose Mute until I join or send a message. This way you should not get messages from chat within the meeting. You will, however, get messages from people in the Team or channel. If you are still getting messages from the Team or Channel or directly you will have to turn them off as well.

Mute All Notifications in Teams

Currently it's not possible to mute every Teams notification, but you can mute quite a lot. For this you will have to go to customised settings.

From the notification settings box, click Customised.

Teams customised notifications settings

Now you can see a list of all the mentions and notifications the picture you see below is with as many as I can turn off as possible.

Mute all teams notifications

The only notification in Teams that cannot currently be turned off is the Personal @mentions. (When you specifically mention the person by name).

From the box above you can see that the Personal @mentions is set to only show in feed. This means that when you are at mentioned by a colleage you will see it like:

Microsoft Teams Feed Notification

Customised Notifications in Microsoft Teams

Once you've accessed the customised notification options in MS Teams, you can change the following options:

Team Mentions - You or someone else in your organisation has probably worked out you can @mention teams. Trouble is there's always those who feel that every message they write should be broadcast to the entire organisation.

Replies to conversations I started - When you start a conversation in a Team you might want to be notified when someone replies. This is an option you might want to turn on so you can keep track of how the conversations you've started are going.

Replies to conversations I replied to - This is an option I don't tend to turn on. Say you reply to a conversation and you want to keep hearing notification everytime people add to the conversation then you'll get a notification. At the least I wouldn't select the banner option. If you do you'll be getting soooo many notifications.

Likes and reactions - Who doesn't like a smiley face, a thumbs up or even a love heart. If you want to be notified whenever these happen this is where you go.

Shown and pinned channels

This section will turn on every notification in your channels.

All new posts - This will notify you about every new post in any channel that is not hidden. If you check the include all replies button then you will get a notification about every reply as well.

Channel mentions - Did you know that you can also @mention channels. Use the drop down list to decide whether or not you want to receive a notification if someone @mentions a channel.

For more information on Teams notifications then please check out the Microsoft website. This will give you the latest information on how to manage notifications in Microsoft Teams.

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