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Using Teams with a Green Screen

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Teams and a Green Screen

OBS Software Download

Is a Teams green screen feature possible?

Teams with a green screen, that's right you heard correctly. Are you thinking of using a green screen in Teams? If so there's something you need to know. Now it's true that Microsoft say that there's no need to use a green screen in Microsoft Teams and that is why there's no teams green screen feature. They say that Teams will automatically remove the background whenever you apply a background effect.

Trouble is... it doesn't look that professional.

Judge for yourself from the result in the picture below. (Teams Green Screen Video Link).

Teams with Green Screen - Bad Example

So it's no wonder that you're looking for a MS Teams green screen that looks Good.

The good news is that using Teams with a green screen is possible with one extra piece of software, OBS. Using this software you will have to power to create virtual backgrounds that look professional. I'm sure you'll be relieved to hear that you'll know longer look like someone that should be a super hero. If a green glow is what you're looking for in a super hero.

Preparing the Green Screen

Before you download software and get your green screen set up for use in Microsoft Teams, you will first have to prepare it.

At the bottom of the page you will see a green screen shopping list, but it goes without saying that you will have to buy and hang a green screen. If you have space for a green screen on the back of your chair or a green screen pull up stand then you're laughing. If, like me, you are limited on space you'll have to prepare the green sheet.

01:20 – Preparing the Green Screen sheet

Lighting for a Green Screen

To get a green screen working effectively you'll have to use lights. Otherwise you will have shadows that will play havoc with your green screen perfection.

The best way to go about this is to use some LED lights that you can attach to the desk.

01:54 – Lighting for your green screen.

Green Shopping list

Software to download

OBS is the software than you will need to effectively use a Teams green screen. The virtual background will be created by adding a chroma key filter to the camera, or video capture device. You can then add any background picture that you fwant as a source.

Download and installing the OBS software - 3:24

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

  1. First, you will need to download the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). Then choose your desired operating system.
    OBS Download Page
  2. Now, click Download Installer.
    OBS Download Installer Button.
  3. Download and install the OBS Software.
  4. Restart your computer, then return to this page.
    (You might want to bookmark this page to make it easier to come back).
    04:28 – Launching the OBS software for the first time
  5. Once you're computer is restarted, open OBS then click on the new source button.
    New Source Button in OBS
  6. Click Video Capture Device.
    New video capture device in OBS
  7. Enter the name for the device, then click OK..
    (Because my camera is a Logitech C920 that's the name I've entered).
    Name video capture device in obs
  8. If necessary click the Resolution FPS drop down list and select custom. Then from the Resolution drop down list select 1920 x 1080.
    (This will allow OBS to take advantage of the full quality of the webcam, you may have to adjust this for your specific webcam).
    Changing Camera Resolution in OBS for Green Screen in Teams
    (Next, we will add an image so that we can see if the green screen is working correctly.)
  9. Click Add Source then Image.
    (Next, we will add a background image so that we can see if the green screen is working correctly.)
    08:21 – Adding a background image for the Green Screen in OBS Add image source in OBS
  10. Enter the text you wish to use to refer to the image in OBS. Then Click OK.
    Naming image source in OBS
  11. Click Browse then find the image you wish to use as a background.
    Selecting Image for Green Screen in Teams
    (If, after importing the image, you need to adjust the image size so that it fils the display area. Use the resize handles in the corners.)

    Adjusting Image Size in OBS for Teams Green Screening
  12. Now, drag the image source below the camera source.
    Adjusting Source Layers
    Next we need to make the green screen part transparent. This we will do by adding a chroma key filter.

    09:13 – Making the green screen transparent with a chroma key filter
  13. Right click on the camera source and choose Filters.
    Filters in OBS
  14. Click the Add Effect filter button.
    Add Effect Filter in OBS
  15. Select Chroma Key.
    (This chroma key will be what makes the Teams green screen possible.)
    Add Chroma Key Filter Effect in OBS
  16. Click OK.
  17. Adjust the Similarity slider so that the green screen disappears and that you see your background.
    (You may need to adjust some of the other sliders).
    Teams Green Screen - OBS Chroma Key Similarity Slider
  18. When you see the background image you added earlier you know that the chroma key is working correctly. You can then click close.
    OBS with Chroma Key - Teams Green Screen
  19. Click Start Virtual Camera.
    Start Virtual Camera for Teams Green Screen
  20. Launch Teams and go to Device settings.
    Microsoft Teams Device Settings
  21. From the camera drop down menu choose OBS Virtual Camera.
    OBS Virtual Camera Selection in Microsoft Teams
    (Remember to turn of any background effects that are currently applied).

You should now be looking a sharper more professional virtual background, without the glowing green look.

Teams Green Screen Example

Hopefully this has worked for you, if you've found any of the above steps on how to create a Teams green screen confusing, then I would recommend watching the tutorial video at the top of this page.

So, using a green screen in Teams that looks professional isn't in the realms of fantasy. It is possible. Through using OBS you can using any background you want. This includes video or even your desktop. (Really handy if you are conducting a Teams training course through Teams.

Don't miss our other Microsoft Teams tutorials. One worth checking out is how to post in multiple channels in Microsoft Teams to understand how to effectively create announcements and get your message across.

Teams Green Screen - Shopping List

If you're interested in what I'm using then, as promised, here is a list:

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