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How to use the TRANSPOSE function in Excel 2016?


What's the Transpose Function?

The Transpose function is a great function that is designed to move data that is in rows to columns. You know the tale of the person that always enters data in the wrong way. You've told them time after time to enter the data in columns but they don't. Whether they are plain ignoring you or they just don't understand the intricacies of Data normalisation it's just not happening. So what do you do?

Enter the Transpose function. Now this little formula allows you to grab data that is arranged horizontally and convert it to vertical data. Yes that's right! The data that was orginally in rows is now in columns all normalised to your hearts content. This way making PivotTables, transferring the data into Power BI or whatever you plan to do with you data you can be confident that it's set up to do the job.

Here you go! This is the exercise file. In fact this is the same exericse file as three ways to transpose data in Excel.