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TShirt design Illustrator

Design a polka dot TShirt in Illustrator

If you have already created the polka dot pattern, you may wish to use it on a tshirt. This tutorial will show you how to draw a basic tshirt and add a polka dot pattern to it.

Create a new Illustrator file.

Click on the Pen tool from the left.

Remove the fill but keep the stroke from the left.
(This way it will be less confusing).

Click once at each point to create straight lines to create the right half of the tshirt.

Select the selection tool and choose a colour for your tshirt.

Now click on Object - Transform - Reflect.
(Ensure that you have the entire shape selected).

Click on the copy button.

Adjust the TShirt left half so that it overlaps the right.

Go to Window - Pathfinder.

In the shape mode section click on Unite.

Use the white direct selection arrrow to adjust some of the corner points.

To change the neck from a V neck to a round neck use the convert anchor point tool. This shares the same button as the pen tool.

Click the anchor point at the base of the V and drag to the left.
(You drag in the direction that you initially drew the shape, you may have to drag to the right to get this to work.)

Then create the polka dot pattern swatch.

Select the TShirt then click on the pattern swatch.


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There are no exercise files with this training session use any Illustrator file. That's right you can start this from a blank file.