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Create an Organisation Chart - Visio 2016


Creating an Org Chart in Visio 2016

Creating an Organisation chart in Visio is straightforward and should be fast. That is if you do so in the way that Visio 2016 was designed.

This Computer Tutoring Visio 2016 tutorial will instruction you on Laying out a page Separating Pages, so that part of the organisation chart appears on another page. Creating a synchronised copy. That's right! After you've separated your organisation chart onto the different pages you can set up your org chart so that when you update the name and job title on one page, it is updated on the other. You can then hide the subordinates on the first page, and have them synced to the other page. We'll also touch on use Shape Data, and how you can use Shape Data to change the Title | Name and other nice bits of information.