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Visio Online Training

Visio Working with Layers

What do layers bring to your document? By hiding and showing certain parts of your drawing you can give users a different experience. Giving information to only those you choose.

How to create a flowchart in Visio

This training video will have a look at how you can use Visio to create a flowchart.

Create Organization chart in Visio from Excel Spreadsheet

How do you create an organization chart in Visio from an Excel spreadsheet. Find out how to do this time saving task in this free online training video.

Visio Shape Data

How do you add extra data behind shapes? By allowing you to access what would ordinarilly not be available on screen you are able to hold vast amounts of information by adding a number of custom fields.

Visio Text

You can use textboxes to add free text to any Visio drawing. This video will show you how to add a textbox to an organisation chart.

Visio move connector text

How do you move the text on connectors? This video will show you how to rotate and change the position of text in relation to the connections between the shapes.

How to use connectors in Visio

Using connectors the correct way in Visio can save you loads of time. This video will show you how.

Adding text to shapes in Visio

What is the fastest way to add text to shapes using Visio? This video will show you how.

Org Chart by Department

This video will show you how to create an organisation and separate up the chart by department.

Visio 2016 Org Chart from Excel

Hi this guide will show you how to create an org chart from an Excel spreadsheet. It will show you how to remove the employee ID you should rightly include to form the basis of the structure of your org chart.

Visio 2016 Flowhart from Excel

This tutorial will show you how to create a flowchart from Excel using Visio 2016. You will also be able to update the flowchart when the Excel file updates.

Organisation Chart Tutorial

OK, so what are the basics of creating an organisation chart? How can you do so in Visio. I mean it should be the tool that makes it so easy to do so. But you may be struggling. Find out how by watching this Org chart tutorial.

Create Custom Stencils & Shapes

See how you can create custom stencils and shapes for Org Charts in Visio 2016. Although, theoretically, you could apply this to any of your Visio drawings.

Cross Functional Flowchart from Excel

Visio tutorial showing you how to create a cross functional flowchart from Excel. This teaches you how to use the data visualiser in Visio and Excel to create a flowchart with swim lanes.