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Visio Tutorial: Create Cross-Functional flowchart from Excel


Get the right Visio version

This tutorial will show you how to create a cross function flowchart from an Excel spreadsheet in Microsoft Visio. For this to work you will need to use Visio Online plan 2, which is an Office 365 download.

The Cross functional flowchart, also known as swim lanes, is perfect for when the process you are explaining has different organisational departments or people who are responsible for a particular process or decision. Also, if the flowchart process being explained is time related, using "Phases" within the flowchart will allow you to demonstrate when a particular decision or process is used.

What's in this Visio Tutorial?

This tutorial will show you how to use a Table in Excel to automatically generate this swim lane flowchart using data visualiser. You can find data visualiser within the Templates - Flowchart - Cross functional flowchart - Data Visualizer. You will then see how to make use of the Excel data template file as a basis to start creating your Cross functional flowchart.

The Excel Data Template file

The Excel data template file will have a sheet called the process map along with instructions showing you how to use this process map sheet to create the flowchart. The Data Visualizer process map file will also contain the Shape Notation Mapping sheet, which matches all of the process map shapes. So the Decision is a diamond, Process is a square, Start/End is a sausage like shape etc. This guide will teach you how the Shape Notation Mapping sheet relates to the Process Map sheet via Excel Data validation drop-down list.

Show you want to use the same file I did you can download the Visio from Spreadsheet Exercise File.

If you haven't already viewed the Creating a Flowchart from Excel Spreadsheet Visio tutorial, it might be a good idea.

This information is taken from the Microsoft Visio Data Visualiser page on the Microsoft web site which you should have a look at to get the latest information.