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Visio Data Graphics - Free Tutorial


What are Advanced Data Graphics?

Advanced data graphics in Visio is a great way to link your Excel spreadsheet to Visio. This is especially useful when it comes to custom shapes outside the remit of the standard flowchart. If you want shapes to generate automatically I suggest you look to the data visualiser feature as detailed in the Flowchart from Excel and Cross functional flowchart from Excel tutorials.

Car Sales by Colour exercise file - should you want to follow along with the above tutorial.

Visio Data Graphics

During this data graphics tutorial you will see how creating a table in Microsoft Excel will benefit you when it comes to updating your Visio drawings and the advanced data graphics that are linked.

Once you've linked your Excel spreadsheet you can drag and drop the various rows of your data to connect to the shapes in a Visio drawing. This can be any shape, and once you know this then the power of this feature is incredible.

Should you want know how to create linked data in Visio and you've no time to watch the tutorial:

  1. Convert Excel range on the spreadsheet to a Table
  2. In Visio click on Data
  3. Click on Quick Import
    Quick Import Excel into Visio
  4. Click Browse and find your Excel worksheet
  5. Import the Excel spreadsheet.
  6. Drag the rows you want to connect to the shapes
  7. From the Data table use the Advanced Data Graphics section at the top or
  8. Right click on the graphic you want to add the Advanced Data Graphic click Data.
  9. Click Edit Data Graphic
  10. Change the options as necessary
    Edit Data Graphic - Visio

Progress bar issue

Silly me, I forgot to change the 'Maximum Value' to 1 for the progress bar. I'd left it on 0.3 which would account for the progress bar being almost full by 23%. Hope the following helps:

  1. Right Click graphic - Data - Edit Data Graphic
  2. Add or edit the progress bar
  3. In Maximum Value enter '1'

There you go! That's the whistle stop tour. To get more out of this and to understand it better I'm afraid you're gonna have to watch the video tutorial.

Should you want to take this further or maybe you're looking for a Visio training course for your organisation then please take a look at our Visio Training Courses:

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