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Microsoft Word, a word processing tool that is now a whole lot more. The trouble is that it can be a little tricky using Word to accomplish these things. If you've tried inserting a picture or tried creating a flow chart you'll know what I'm talking about.

Flowcharts in Word

It's true that Word isn't the ideal tool for creating flowcharts. If you've been using Visio you'll know that to be true. However sometimes you just have no choice, and you're stuck with using Microsoft Word. So this video will show you how.

Headings in Word

If you haven't been using styles and headings in Microsoft Word you've been wasting a whole heap of time. Learn the basics with this training video.

Indenting Text in Microsoft Word

You need consistency within your Word documents. Indenting text in Word is a way to help you do this. See 3 ways that you can accomplish this with this free help video.

Microsoft Word Indent

Tutorial showing how to indent whole paragraphs in Microsoft Word. A little variation on the previous guide.

Using Tabs in Microsoft Word 2016

This tutorial will show you how to harness the power of Tabs in Microsoft Word 2016. It will run you through the left, right, indent and decimal tab.

How to use Page Breaks?

Knowing how to use page breaks in Microsoft Word is really handy. This tutorial shows you pages breaks. The online guide also shows you how to insert blank pages and a cover page.

How to Drag Pictures - Word 2016?

Inserting and dragging pictures in Word 2016 is fundamental to getting your Word documents looking great. This tutorial will show you step by step on how to accomplish this straightforward task.