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Zoom Meeting Tips

Zoom Meeting Tips

Use Zoom for PowerPoint Presentation

Want to know how to use Zoom to give a PowerPoint presentation in a professional way? This tutorial will show you how.

How to Join a Zoom Meeting?

This Zoom meeting tip will show you how to join a Zoom meeting in just 2 minutes. It's designed for beginners who are yet to use Zoom or want to quickly see how to join a meeting if they've received an invitation.

Zoom Tutorial Basic Features

Now that you have entered your Zoom meeting what are the essential things you need to know? These Zoom Meeting Tips tutorial video will give you 5 essential meeting features of a Zoom meeting.

How to Host a Zoom Meeting?

See how you to host a Zoom meeting with this free tutorial. Discover how to schedule a meeting, create breakout rooms, create polls, record a meeting, admit participants and of course the ever important mute all button.

How to Look Your Best on Zoom?

Learn how to look your best on Zoom with this free tutorial. You will also see how to use your phone as a WebCam and adjust your image setting to give you that polished look.

How to Sound Your Best on Zoom?

Tips & suggestions on how to sound your best in Zoom. Learn what Zoom audio settings you need to adjust if you are playing music or singing. Also see how you can change your voice in Zoom to make you sound like someone else.

How to get a Better Wi-Fi Signal?

See how to get a better WiFi signal for a smoother Zoom session. This tutorial will show you want to do with your router to get a better connection, how to test your connection along with tips on getting a more reliable internet connection.

How to Record a Meeting Presentation on Zoom?

You can use Zoom to record your next presentation. So if you are a little nervous, or if you can't be present to conduct a meeting or should you want to upload a presentation to YouTube then use this video to see how to record a professional meeting presentation.