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How to Host a Zoom Meeting?


Being the Meeting Host

Scheduling the Meeting

How to schedule a zoom meeting

Sometimes people make scheduling a meeting far too complicated. I find them simplest way is to copy and paste the invitation created by Zoom into your email. I also use the desktop version of WhatsApp and that is really handy should I want to sent my Zoom meeting invite via my mobile. If you are going to send via WhatsApp, text message or any otherway that might mean the recipient will receive their message on a device that they won't be using for Zoom. It might be an idea to send them the password along with the meeting ID.

Creating Polls in Zoom

Using Polling in Zoom

In today's world everyone likes to give their opinion, so why not let them. By creating polls you can let your users interact with the training session. It's best practice to create your polls beforehand. This way you won't be wasting time writing long complicated questions.

Then during the meeting you can launch your poll and your participants will have loads of fun answering questions. At least you'll know if they're asleep or not.

Letting in your Zoom Participants

Admit Zoom Participants

Now that you're in your meeting you want to admit your participants. You can either do this one at a time or all at once. If you want you can mute your participants on entry, this way you won't get a noisy rabble entering your meeting. After they have entered the meeting you can allow them to unmute themselves by selecting the Allow Participants to unmute themselves.

Obviously before the meeting your participants would be in the waiting room area waiting for me as the host to admit them.

Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Zoom Breakout Rooms - Host Meeting

Breakout rooms are a great way of keeping participants in the same meeting but putting them in a separate room. Think of a conference centre with one main auditorium and other smaller auditoriums. That's basically what Zoom breakout rooms are.

If you are a Zoom host, it's a good idea to create extra breakout rooms just in case someone comes late to the meeting. The reason being that as of writing this you can't create extra breakout rooms after you have opened all the breakout rooms.

Sharing your Screen in Zoom

Sharing screen in Zoom

In Zoom you can share your screen if you want your Oeeting participants to see your screen. If you are showing a video then ensure your tick the tick the Share computer sound and Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip.

Annotations in Zoom when Sharing the Sreen

Annotate while sharing your screen in Zoom

You can also use annotations to draw on the screen you are sharing. You can also use the annotations toolbar to draw on the screens of other meeting participants who have shared their screen.

So there you have it! A quick Zoom tutorial on how to be the host. As I mentioned before, Zoom I don't feel comes close to being there in real life. As a trainer you just can't get the feedback you need from the people you train.

But if you create a relaxed atmosphere and use polls for that little extra bit of interactions for those who are shy, you will hopefully get your participants to turn on their cameras and microphone and really wade in.

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