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How to join a Zoom meeting?


How to join a Zoom meeting in 2 minutes?

The Zoom Invitation

You have received an email with an Zoom invitation link. You haven't yet used Zoom and maybe are a bit nervous about using it for the first time. You want to quickly learn how to join a Zoom meeting so you don't miss out.

In this Zoom Tutorial how to join a zoom meeting you will learn:

  • How to download and install Zoom?
  • How to use the Meeting ID and Password to enter the meeting?
  • How to mute your microphone so that others can't hear you?
  • How to leave a Zoom meeting?

Once you've joined the meeting you might be wondering what features you can take advantage of the free Zoom tutorial on basic features.

Free Zoom tutorial video on what you need to do if you're asked to be the meeting host?

Find out more about instructor led Zoom Online Training Course.