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How to Record a Presentation on Zoom?


Can you use Zoom to Record a Meeting Presentation?

So how to record a presentation on Zoom? That's what this tutoial about? OK then, what will this Zoom tutorial teach you?

How to record a presentation on Zoom subjects

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Reasons for Using Zoom to Record a Presentation

Want to Give a Polished Presentation

That's right! Mistakes happen and so the best thing you can do is to iron them out in recording, recording and recording again. Then you can get as close to that pot at the end of the rainbow which is the perfect presentation.

Unable to do the Presentation in Person

We live in a busy world, a world where our time is divided. One of the advantages of recording your meeting presentation on Zoom is that you can give a presentation without actually having to be there. That way you can use your presentation over and over again without you having to physically be present.

Want to Upload and Share

More and more are using YouTube and other platforms to share their videos. Now you know how to record a half decent video presentation on Zoom you might want to share it. We've found videos a fantastic medium to engage with our customers and also gain new customers from far flung fields.

Other Zoom Tutorials

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Looking your Best on Zoom

Taking the trouble to look your professional on Zoom is a must. Please, if you haven't already done so, take the time to check out our How to look your best on Zoom video tutorial.

If time is something you have very little of then follow these simple steps:

  • Raise your webcam to just above eye level
  • Get the strongest light in front of you
  • Ensure your background looks the business
  • Wear something business like

Sounding your Best on Zoom

It's amazing that the focus of most people is looking great and they won't bother with sound. So if you look the business but your sound is rubbish then all the hard work and effort you took in preparing your presentation will be marred.

Again we have a comprehensive tutorial on how you can sound your best on Zoom. This tutorial will show you how to use even the most basic of equipment to get you sounding clearer.

No time to look at another tutorial video? Then remember the following points:

  • Use set of headphones with microphone attachment.
    (Even better purchase external mic)
  • Turn on Original Sound when playing a musical instrument
  • Try to be in a quiet environment. (The quieter the better).


Once you're all set up then it's time to practice. Practice again. Then practice again. As you're practicing write down your presentation so that it sounds natural to you and the way you say things.


  • Write down keywords
  • Remember to smile and relax
  • Look into the camera


  • Write down every word
  • Be tied to your notes
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Worry too much saying errrmm
  • Pauses for thought in silence while you think about what to say next. (This can add dramatic effect).

There's so much to giving a presentation on Zoom and feeling anxious even when recording a presentation is natural. In fact a little bit of anxiety isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can push you to do a better job.

Global Keyboard Shortcuts

As part of your preparation it's a good idea to use keyboard shortcuts. However, when you press a keyboard shortcut in Zoom you hear a "Blinng" or similar noise. I'm using Windows 10 and I get that noise everytime. Or I should say that I "Got" that noise everytime. Now it's sorted.

I first noticed the problem when I was trying to mute my microphone by using a keyboard shortcut. I pressed Alt & A and the computer made a load bling noise. Trouble was that my microphone was on and everyone could hear. It didn't sound too professional and it was rather embarrassing for my as an IT trainer.

You can overcome this problem by setting any shortcut you want to use regularly as a Global Keyboard shortcut. This way you won't hear that annoying "BLLIIINNGG" noise, or whatever noise your PC wants to play.

Here's how:

Goto Settings (Cog top right) then click on Keyboard shortcuts:

Zoom global keyboard shortcuts button

In the list of shortcuts, tick the shortcut you wish to enable as a global keyboard shortcut. (The one you don't want to hear the bling sound when you use it).

Global Keyboard Shortcuts in Zoom

Close the box and you're ready to go.

Recording your Presentation on Zoom

Keyboard Shortcuts

You've got all set up, you've practiced, now it's time to actually record your presentation. It's a good idea to get familiar with some keyboard shortcuts. Especially if you are going to be recording a lot of presentations using Zoom.

  • Alt & R - Start / Stop Recording
  • Alt & P - Pause / Resume Recording
  • Alt & S - Share Screen

Remember to set up the above keyboard shortcuts as global as instructed above.

How to Know When you are Recording?

I know this sounds stupid but sometimes, because of there being so much to remember, you might wonder if you are recording or not. Well don't worry. If you look at the top of the Zoom tool bar you will see the recording icon.

Zoom recording icon

Now you know that you are recording.

Recording a Presentation with a Video Link

If your presentation includes a link to a YouTube video or video from any other source you will have to do something a little different. That's why knowing how to pause your Zoom recording is a must. It allows you to switch between a PowerPoint presentation optimised for the screen to a presentation that's optimised for video.

When you're ready to share a video do this:

Pause the recording Alt & P

Stop Sharing the screen Alt & S

Get the video ready, in fact I like to get the video ready beforehand.

Share the screen Alt & S again.

Ensure the Share Computer Sound and the Optimize Screen Sharing for Video Clip boxes are ticked.

Optimise screen for video sharing

Resume recording Alt & P

Play the video.

Now your video should be nice and smooth.

PowerPoint as a Virtual Background

Use PowerPoint as a Virtual Background in Zoom

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint as a virtual background when recording a presentation in Zoom? When recording yourself it gives your presentation that edge that others won't. You can also adjust the size of your video in the Zoom window. If the following steps on how to share a PowerPoint presentation as a virtual background don't work, it might be an idea before you do this to check which version of Zoom you are using.

Now that you're sure of the version of Zoom you are using you can share your PowerPoint presentation as a virutal background.

Alt & S to Share Screen.

Click Advanced which is at the top of the share application window.

Advanced Sharing for PowerPoint as Virtual Background

Now click on PowerPoint as Virtual background. Note this is presently a beta option.

PowerPoint as Virutal Background Beta

Now find and open the PowerPoint file you want to use as a Virtual Background.

Should you find that you can't set virtual background, then it maybe that your computer isn't powerful enough. Find out if your computer meets the minimum requirements for a virtual background.

If it all works for you then fantastic. Also note that you can resize your video and move your video around the screen.

Resize your video for when using PowerPoint as a virtual backgroun in Zoom


How to check which version of Zoom you're using

In Zoom click on the account button in the top right corner.

Zoom Account Settings button

Click Help and About Zoom

About Zoom - to check the version of Zoom

Zoom Version

As you can see the version I am currently using is 5.2.1

Get Rid Black Box when Sharing Problem

Black boxes when sharing screen on Zoom

This is a problem that someone else drew to my attention. While sharing a video on Zoom, meeting participants were complaining that they couldn't see part of the video since there were black boxes obscuring part of the screen. I though that's weird as I don't see the black boxes myself, but the answer was obvious.

These boxes are the floating meeting controls in Zoom. When you share the screen optimised for video, these float meeting controls appear as black boxes on the participants screens. These black boxes don't appear if you're just sharing a normal screen, only if you are sharing a screen and you've checked the Optimize Screen for Sharing Video Clip check box.

The solution to this problem is simple. You need to ensure that you don't have any floating meeting controls:

Zoom floating meeting controls

anywhere on the screen on top of the video you're sharing.

So if you have the luxury of 2 screens the answer is simply to drag the meeting controls to the other screen.

If you are cursed with 1 screen then you have to hide the floating meeting controls:

How to hide floating meeting controls in Zoom?

Note the shortcut key Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H. Yes I know it's a long one but it's worth remembering if you are sharing video a lot during your presentations or meetings.

Video to the Right of Shared Screen

Video to right of shared screen in Zoom

Sometimes when you shared your screen your video, webcam, appears to the right of the shared screen area like above.

If you want an in picture view for your video then you need to:

Open settings, click Recording on the left, and ensure that the Place video next to the shared screen in the recording is unticked.

Untick place video next to the shared scren in the recording for in picture video on Zoom

Now when you record your presentation, your video will appear ontop of the screen rather than next to it.

Good / Bad Idea?

So what's the verdict? Is it a good or bad idea to use Zoom to record a presentation. I would say recording a presentation on Zoom is a good idea. Especially if you are fearful of diving into the world of post-production video editing. With preparation and practice, along with good use of PowerPoint and the pause button you can make a pretty decent presentation video with Zoom.

Just make sure that you have a half decent webcam and microphone, be aware of your surroundings and you'll be on you way to a presentation you can be proud of.