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How to Sound Your Best on Zoom?


Sounding your Best on Zoom

Getting the best sound on Zoom

If you've been following along with this series of Zoom tutorial videos and you've already seen the how to look your best on Zoom video tutorial then you should be looking as good as you can with the equipment you have.

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However, if you don't sound your best on Zoom all of the effort you've taken could be in vain. That's right you might look as clean and sharp as a whistle but sound like a plate of spinach trying to navigate it's way through a camel's digestive system and that won't do at all.

This tutorial is designed to give you an overview of the difference that using different microphones makes when you are trying to sound your best on Zoom. You will also learn how to set up Zoom so as to sound your best when you are performing. If you don't turn on this setting then all of the hard work and practice you put in before the performance will go to waste, so make sure you don't skip it.

1. The Worst Sound in Zoom

The worst sound for Zoom - Laptop

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A good place to start is the worst sound in Zoom. So what is the worst sound in Zoom? Well, to put it bluntly it is using the mic that's built into your laptop. Now it is true that your laptop comes with a microphone just as your laptop comes with a webcam. However, you probably know by now that your laptop camera is far from the best. It is true that some laptop microphones are better than others, but most are below par. So before you invest in a new microphone it might be an idea to hear what the different ones sound like.

2. Using Earphones with Zoom

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Whenever you get a mobile phone no doubt you also got a set of earphones. Chances are that those earphones came with a microphone. If you're not sure have a look along the cord and if there's any controls then that's most likely it. However, to be sure you need to look at the connector. If there are 3 black bands then you've got a microphone and you can use those earphones and you will sound a whole lot better on Zoom.

3. Bluetooth headphones - the best choice?

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So you've spent a load of money on some bluetooth headphones and you might be wondering why I'm not suggesting using them. If you've listened to the above tutorial you can hear the difference. So why do they sound so bad? Have all who have bought expensive headphones been dupped? Of course not! It's just that bluetooth headphones are designed for listening and not speaking. That'a why they come with noise cancellation, dynamic bass boost and a host of other functions that are designed to make the music or films you listen too sound incredible. But when it comes to speaking then they're not so great. You might get away with using them to make a phone call but that really is the limited of most of them.

4. The Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone

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The Lavalier microphone is my favouite. It gives good sound quality while allowing me to gesture my hands in a natural way.

5. How to change your voice on Zoom?

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To change your voice on Zoom you will need to download and install VoiceMod. Once installed (you might have to restart) you can then select VoiceMod as a microphone from within Zoom. VoiceMod comes in free and paid for versions and you obviously get more with the paid for version however you can some pretty cool voices with the free version.

Tips on changing your voice

  • Use a set of headphones to stop feedback
  • Once you've decided on a voice then turn off hear my voice
  • Adjut the Advanced Sound Settings in Zoom to turn off noise supression
  • Ensure you have the correct microphone selected in Zoom

How to perform on Zoom?

I've recently had the privilege of performing on Zoom. Playing the guitar and singing my own compositions is something that I really love. Everyone has something they need to chill and for me it's playing music. However, things become a little different when you're playing in front of people, and the more people the more nerve wracking it can be. So that being the case what are some of the things you can do so that you sound at least a little like a professional on Zoom?

Turn on Original Sound

The main thing you can do is to turn on the original sound. By doing this you stop the majority of all the noise suppression options that can hamper your musical perfection.

Using a Condenser Mic

Just as in the video tutorial the condenser mic is a good mic for musical performances. Get a quiet room turn off all the noise cancellation and away you go. You would also want to turn of the automatic volume level making sure, of course, that your volume is set right.

USB Audio Interface

The USB Audio interface is where you can start entering the world of the professional musician. This device allows you to plug in your guitar and an XLR microphone of which mine is a Shure SM58.

USB Audio Interace for when performing on Zoom

Using this wonderful device I can listen to my singing and balance it with my guitar sound so I get an idea of what the sound is like before my performance. Of course you want to turn on the original sound and ensure that all the background noise cancellations are turned off.