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Excel Training

Pivot Tables and more is only the beginning to this Excel intermediate training course. You will use Excel as a database being able to sort filter add...
Microsoft Excel 2013 Training Course

Photoshop Training

This beginners Photoshop training course you will be able to remove unwanted blemishes, change colours, add and rearrange people and objects in your p...
Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course

InDesign Training

This Adobe InDesign training course will show you not only how to use the DTP package. But will give you layout techniques that those magazines and br...
Adobe InDesign CC Training Course

Illustrator Training

In this training day you will learn to use advanced tools, options, and effects to create amazing, vibrant and complex artwork. In addition, you want ...
Adobe Illustrator CC Training Course

PowerPoint Training

Creating an informative and interesting presentation can be a challenge. We may be called upon to deliver a presentation with little notice, at multip...
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Training Course

Access Training

Microsoft Access 2013 will help you manage small to very large amounts of data with ease. Using a relational database can help you and your organizat...
Microsoft Access 2013 Training Course

Excel Cheatsheet

Photoshop Cheatsheet

We at Computer Tutoring believe shortcuts are a must in Photoshop to work with any hint of efficiency. Please feel free to download and print our Photoshop cheatsheet. It contains a list of many shortcuts and hints to help you get the best out of Adobe Photoshop. Also if you feel that there is anything we should add then let us know and we'll be happy to consider it.

Excel Cheatsheet

Excel Cheatsheet

If you've been on one of our Excel courses, then you're already saving a load of time and effort. You are avoiding the numerous pitfalls and errors that many who are self taught make everyday. We love it when we hear how our previous customers are using Excel. They discover time saving features that they didn't know existed before. If you have yet to avail yourself of one of our Excel training courses then don't hesitate. You won't believe what you can accomplish in a single day! However in the meantime you are welcome to download our Excel cheatsheets. These cheatsheets are packed full of various shortcuts that we hope you will find extremely useful.

When should I use shortcuts?

Say you have a repetitive task ahead, perhaps a lot of copying and editing to do. Taking a couple of minutes to learn a shortcut or 2 at the beginning will not only allow you to complete you work faster. But invariably is good for you health. This is because you are less likely to suffer from RLI (Repeatitive Strain Injury). Download our free Excel Cheatsheet for the latest in PC shortcuts.

InDesign Cheatsheet

InDesign Cheatsheets

Knowing a few shortcuts can really help, so please help yourself. Download it, print it out, do what you want just so long as it helps.

Download your free InDesign Cheatsheet here

Also if you've not been on one of our one day InDesign Courses then please take advantage of our Beginners InDesign CC training course.

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Lotus Cars

"Great- would Recommend."

M & H Plastics

"Very well indeed - well presented"

The Thalidomide Trust

""Absolutely Brilliant. Feel very happy with the training provided"

"Excellent overview - A relaxed & communicative training session"

Dogsthorpe Infant School

"Learnt a lot and met my objective. Well worth it."

"Concise, tailored to our needs/knowledge and work environment."